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Why Advise Customers On Home Security?

Posted on : October 20, 2022

When it comes to learning how to grow your business as a locksmith, there’s a great deal to be said for customer experience. How a customer experiences you and your company can be the difference between a good review, no review, or even worse – a bad one.

Our locksmith course prepares you for the practical elements of the trade, as well as touching on running a business, getting your tools and stock set up, and even how to market your services for success. But the rest is up to you if you want to establish a good reputation. We believe it’s important to advise your customers as best you can, and this includes providing a bit of free guidance on home security.

Here are the reasons every good locksmith should provide free advice to their customers:

Gain trust and respect

The first reason to freely offer advice to customers is to create a level of trust between you. By helping customers with tips and advice on how to secure their home, you are showing that you care. What you’ll learn during your locksmith training is that interpersonal skills matter just as much as your technical skills – and the first step to fostering a connection is to build trust and respect.

Build a long-term relationship

One of the most important advantages of being a good advisor is the opportunity to enjoy long-lasting relationships with customers. By giving away a bit of free advice and ensuring you are helpful, personable and friendly, you can boost customer loyalty. This will increase your chances of getting repeat business from the same customers in the future – or at least a recommendation or referral to friends and family who are also seeking the services you offer.

This can be particularly beneficial when providing locksmith services to commercial businesses, as they are more likely to require your services on a regular basis.

Show your expertise

Knowing how to grow your business starts with having the right skills and this is where our industry-leading locksmith training comes in. We cover a range of locksmith courses, including our fully comprehensive locksmith training programme, lock installation, advanced lock picking, auto locksmith training, and specialist uPVC repair. Our courses arm you with expertise, but how do you showcase this to every customer?

By providing a free home security check or survey, you can establish yourself as a home security / anti-snap lock expert, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Encourage future business

A free home security check can often lead to a high-security lock upgrade or other services you provide. Even if a customer doesn’t hire you immediately, your company will likely stay front of mind for when they are ready to commit.

Not all advice has to be free…

Finally, if you don’t want to give away your time for free, it’s possible to provide advice but still charge for more comprehensive property surveys. But in our experience, a free survey of someone’s property often does lead to more sales, and more importantly, it uses a soft marketing approach to attract customers to you (meaning no hard sell). Not only does this lead to more business, but it can help with retention and loyalty because people trust you and don’t feel pressured into paying for a service.

Want to find out more about the MPL locksmith courses? Our high-quality locksmith training is suitable for people of all backgrounds and education levels, and we have courses that are certified by City & Guilds and the NCFE. Get in touch using our online contact form to find out more.


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