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1 Day Lock Installation Course

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1 Day Lock Installation Course Information
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Our One Day Lock Installation Course is a great way to either refresh your existing locksmith knowledge or learn an essential new skill under the watchful eyes of our experienced and professional team.

We’ve been in the industry for a very long time, and we’ve spoken to thousands of locksmiths that operate in every corner of the country. Take our word for it – you would be astonished by how many trading locksmiths lack the confidence (and even the ability) to install a new lock from scratch.

And we’re not talking about novice locksmiths either – frankly, certain locksmiths are content to instead focus on their specialist area.

We believe that it’s important for you to develop a rounded, balanced bank of locksmithing knowledge. Certain locksmiths may even choose to specialise in lock installation. Although there’s way more to locksmithing than just fitting and installing new locks, it’s still something that your customer will regularly ask of you.

Our One Day Lock Installation Course has been designed with this in mind. There are few things that our patient team can’t teach, and by the time your course is over, you’ll have everything you need to install a range of new locks using a trusted methodology and dependable equipment.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Our One Day Lock Installation Course Designed For?

We’ll get straight to it – the One Day Lock Installation Course is designed for everyone. Whether you’re a young and inexperienced locksmith new to the industry, somebody looking to switch careers, or the owner of a successful locksmithing business that’s looking to brush-up on some rusty knowledge, then this course is for you.

We’ve made sure that the course is accessible for everyone and that it teaches every type of locksmith something they didn’t already know. Most important of all, once the course is complete, you’ll be confident and capable when it comes to installing new locks from scratch.

New technologies and designs are constantly emerging. Locksmithing is fast-paced, and it really does pay to keep up-to-date with modern techniques and efficient practice. This could mean learning about a safer way to carry out an installation, or a premium new lock that offers unparalleled security.

Even if you feel that you already know everything, why not top-up once in a while to confirm that knowledge? This way, you’ll always be installing the locks that provide security and safety for your clients.

Some locksmiths will avoid lock installation throughout their career. Instead, they’ll focus on repairing broken locks, gaining entry, or even working on auto locks. While it may not be an area you specialise in, we feel that it’s extremely important for you to develop the skills needed to carry out lock installations.

There’s constant demand and, where other locksmiths shy away, you can make the most of the opportunities.

What Does the Course Cover?

Like all of our professional MPL courses, you’ll spend some time in the classroom looking at demonstrations, videos, and tutorials. However, as always, we put a firm focus on practical education – you’ll get plenty of time to handle the equipment and install a new lock within the workshop using modern equipment.

After we cover the day’s health and safety procedures, you’ll be introduced to Mortice Locks and the traditional methods that are used to install this versatile and popular lock.

You’ll look at Mortice machines, jigs, and routers. You’ll learn the difference between imperial and metric measurements, and you’ll follow standard installation methodology such as marking, gauging, and drilling.

It’s important that you become familiar with the equipment – you’ll need to use it once you’re in the field, after all. So you’ll spend some time learning how to use marking tools, chisels, auger bits, twist bits, and even spade bits.

Once you’ve marked out a Mortice lock and drilled one out, you’ll then focus on how to lock the face and cut out the Mortice keeper.

The day wraps up with some questions and answers about Mortice lock installation, before you can take your new knowledge out into the field and start answering client queries.

We make sure that our experienced team teaches you relevant and reliable methodology. You’ll have time to ask about new technologies, practice with modern equipment, and boost your confidence with your hands-on experience.

Quality Training with MPL

We believe that lock installation is an important part of locksmithing, and that every locksmith should devote some time to becoming proficient at new lock installation.

Our tutors have all been locksmiths at some point in their careers and they’ll teach you valuable and relevant skills that you’ll be able to use in the field. Importantly, these skills will give your business the best possible chance of success.

Contact our team today and find out more about the many ways that our One Day Lock Installation Course will benefit you and your business. For new locksmiths and even for the pros, this valuable day-course is well worth your time.

Finance Available

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  • Day 1 - Click Here For More Information
    • Health and safety in the workshop. In the event of fire
    • Tutor presentation: Installation of Mortice locks
    • Various ways of installing Mortice locks. Traditional method, Mortice machines, Jigs and routers
    • Tutor explanation: Imperial and Metric measuring
    • Tutor demonstration: Marking out equipment: Combination square, Marking gauge, Mortice gauge, Marking knife
    • Student activity: Using various marking tools
    • Tutor demonstration and explanation: Using various drills ( 240volt, 110 volt and battery operated)
    • Tutor demonstration: Chisels, Auger bits, Spade bits and Twist bits
    • Student activity: Using Chisels, Auger bits, Spade bits and twist bits
    • Tutor demonstration: Sharpening chisels
    • Student activity: Sharpening chisels
    • Tutor demonstration: How to mark out a Mortice lock
    • Student activity: Marking out a Mortice lock
    • Tutor demonstration: How to drill out a Mortice lock
    • Student activity: Drill out a Mortice lock
    • Tutor demonstration: Chisel out Mortice and lock face
    • Student activity: Chisel out Mortice and lock face
    • Tutor demonstration: How to mark and cut out the Mortice Keeper
    • Student activity: Mark and cut out the Mortice keeper
    • Tutor and student activity: Open questions and answers on the day’s activities
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What does MPL guarantee me?
  • Small group numbers. Maximum of 6 students on each course.
  • 100% Dedicated Tuition (Housing Associations / Group Bookings also catered for)
  • We promise to cover all the topics you need to start trading
  • 24 hour helpline to all students for help and advice
  • Specialist training exclusive to MPL
  • A comprehensive coverage of destructive AND non-destructive techniques

Our locksmith training price includes a certificate to show satisfactory completion of our course, a full backup service should you need help at any time when you are on call on your own, and refreshments throughout the time you are with us.

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