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Which is the Right Locksmith Training Course for Me?

Posted on : June 23, 2020

Now you’ve decided that a career as a locksmith is for you, it’s important that you undertake the appropriate training, gain some experience, and learn everything there is to know about being a locksmith in the UK. But that’s not to say that your training ends after your first course – far from it. Almost every locksmith in the country can benefit from additional training. New training courses help locksmiths add to their skillset and open up a new business opportunity in the process.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a closer look at our MPL Locksmith Training Courses. We offer 9 different locksmith courses, and it’s important that you select the one that’s right for you.

Locksmith Training Courses for New Locksmiths

Fresh-eyed and fearless, new locksmiths walking through our doors have an awful lot to learn. But rest assured that our 3-day and 5-day training courses for new locksmiths make learning easy. All you need to do is choose where to start.

3 Day Locksmith Training Course

This is where it all begins for many newbies. Our 3-day all-practical course covers the very basics of locksmithing and helps to build confidence, explain basic principles, and demonstrate how to use locksmith equipment correctly.

This course has been accredited by NCFE, and you’ll leave with a Level-3 certificate. You’ll have a strong understanding and skill set from which you can start your own self-employed business.

For: new locksmiths looking to cover the basics and start their business

5 Day NCFE Locksmith Training Course

We call this one our ‘Ultimate’ Locksmith Training Course. This 5-day training course is also an all-practical course for anyone who wants to be a locksmith. If you’re starting your journey with little experience or qualification as a locksmith, then you’ll finish the course with everything you need to know to start your own successful enterprise.

This comprehensive training course covers every aspect of locksmithing, and is more budget-friendly than our 5-Day Specialist Training Course. You’ll of course cover the same content, but you won’t receive the additional City & Guilds Accreditation.

For: new locksmiths looking to cover every aspect of locksmithing, but on a budget

5 Day Specialist Locksmith Training Course (City & Guilds Accredited/NCFE Level 3)

For something more official, you’ll be looking for our 5 Day Specialist Locksmith Training Course instead. As well as being NCFE-accredited, it’s also accredited by City & Guilds. This makes it the UK’s most highly-accredited locksmith training course. No other locksmith training course will offer the same level of accreditation.

This locksmith training course is perfect for anybody new to locksmithing, but it’s also a great match for re-training locksmiths. You’ll develop a firm understanding of locksmithing and establish a great base to build your career on.

Unlike our Ultimate 5-Day All-Practical Course, you’ll need to pass the City & Guilds exit exam to get your certificate.

For: new locksmiths looking to cover every aspect of locksmithing with official City & Guilds accreditation

Locksmith Training Courses for Existing Locksmiths

But our training courses aren’t just for newbies. No matter what stage of your locksmithing career you find yourself in, there’s always time to add another skill. These are the training courses we offer to existing locksmiths looking to add to their expertise.

1 Day Lock Installation Course

Both beginner locksmiths and those with more experience will benefit from our 1-Day Lock Installation Course. Even if you’re only brushing up on your abilities, knowing how to install a lock in wood is a vital skill. Surprisingly, it’s one that many locksmiths struggle with.

Every locksmith can replace like-for-like locks. But can you install one from scratch into wood? After this one-day course, you’ll never hesitate again.

For: experienced and beginner locksmiths looking to learn how to install locks from scratch into wood

1 Day uPVC Repair Course

Our uPVC Repair Course does exactly what it says on the tin. Many experienced locksmiths find themselves having to turn down uPVC work because they don’t have the knowledge to work on them.

In just one day, you’ll learn the specialist skills needed to access and repair locks on uPVC doors. This training course is undertaken by our specialist uPVC trainer, and can be combined with our 1-Day Tilt & Turn Course to create a 2-Day Specialist Course.

For: experienced locksmiths looking to take on more uPVC work

1 Day Tilt & Turn Course

This is another specialist course for experienced locksmiths, undertaken by our specialist tilt & turn trainer. You’ll receive specific training in tilt & turn access and repair techniques.

For: experienced locksmiths looking to take on more tilt & turn work

2 Day Access Control Course

Locksmiths that have already completed the entry-level course will already know that access control is another skill altogether. Locksmiths can learn everything they need to know, all the way from standalone applications to Net2 High Security solutions on our 2-Day Access Control Course.

For: experienced locksmiths looking to add access control to their skillset

2 Day Advanced Pick Training Course

If you’re an able locksmith with trading experience and you still shudder every time you’re asked to pick security euro locks and mortice locks, then isn’t it time you added the skill to your repertoire?

This 2-day course is for locksmiths with an advanced level of knowledge. There will barely be a lock you won’t be able to pick after training with us.

For: advanced locksmiths learning to pick security euro locks and mortice locks

3 Day Auto Locksmith Training Course

This one’s a little bit different. And after completing our Auto Locksmith Training, your new expertise will help you stand out from others on the standard locksmithing career path.

As door locking and vehicle security becomes more advanced, more advanced skills are needed to understand and manipulate digital locks. On this course, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge needed to access over 95% of vehicles in the United Kingdom.

For: advanced locksmiths looking to branch out into specialist auto locksmithing

Why Choose MPL for Your Locksmith Training Course?

Our professional, patient, and experienced MPL team have a 99% pass rate on all of our locksmith training courses. There’s nobody better to get you started in the industry, or help you add to your skillset and expand your business.

If you’d like more information about the different locksmith courses that we offer, then please contact us today on 01924 693 293.


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