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Using An Electronic Keypad To Enter A Building

What Is Access Control And How Can It Benefit Your Business

Posted on : February 12, 2019

If you’re running a business in the locksmithing industry and are looking for ways to expand, access control is an area certainly worth looking into. Offering this unique service is a sure fire way of expanding your customer base and growing your business, not to mention boosting your reputation and expertise.

Find out more about access control and how it can benefit your locksmithing business here.

What is access control?

Access control is a broad name to cover the security intercom systems put in place to manage who is and isn’t able to enter certain areas. These systems are used in abundance in today’s society, both in commercial and residential properties.

Some systems permit entry through the scanning of a key card or fob, whilst others require a code or permittance from an individual on the other end of the speaker. However, they all share the same end result of limiting the individuals within the space to just those who are supposed to be there.

Whether it’s an industrial park restricting access to staff, or an apartment block with many residents coming and going, you’ll see these security systems used throughout the country. Whilst they are mainly utilised in city centre properties,you will see the occasional access control system being used in surrounding areas too.

Access control is increasing in popularity

As the economy develops and as many more offices, residential complexes and industrial parks are created, the demand for access control systems is constantly on the up. However, it takes a certain set of skills and abilities to properly install these systems and to ensure they perform at their very best. This is where the role of a professional locksmith comes in.

Only locksmiths with the necessary skills to install access control systems will be able to carry out the job properly, so the relevant training and experience is essential. That being said, it’s well worth investing your time, money and effort into this training, as the skills you gain from it will give your locksmithing business an incredible boost.

The benefits of adding access control to your services

Locksmithing for access control systems isn’t something that’s covered as part of the basic locksmithing training. It’s a niche area in the trade and it’s very unlikely that every locksmith will take part in the additional training to develop their skills in this area.

That means that if you do, competition is very low and it’s much easier to be hired for these services for any projects in your local area.

What’s more, because it’s a rather complex area of locksmithing, the cost of your services are much higher than they would be for your simple lock change on a front door. Low competition and higher returns – need we say more about the benefits of access control for your business?

There’s also the advantage of repeat business. It’s likely that you will be asked to return to the same property for regular maintenance checks on the access control systems you previously installed. Better yet, you may even be hired by the same development company for future construction projects they carry out.

There are very few drawbacks to adding access control locksmithing to your business. It takes very little effort on your part to undergo the relevant training and, in time, you’ll soon see the great impact it can have when adding this niche to your range of services.


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