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What is a Nightlatch?

Posted on : January 7, 2021

Our MPL staff have been in the industry for a very long time. They know about every major type of lock used in the United Kingdom and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. No matter which MPL Locksmith training course you join us for, you’ll quickly learn everything there is to know about repairing, installing, and servicing locks in homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

Nightlatches are some of the UK’s most common Yale locks and, even if you’ve never heard of them, we’re sure you’ll soon know exactly what they are. Let’s take a closer look at what nightlatches are, whether or not there are different types, and what they’re used for.

What is a Nightlatch?

Locks and security latches can quickly become complicated. Thankfully, this one is rather simple. A nightlatch is a Yale lock most commonly used on the front doors of homes. It’s mounted on the inner surface of a door that opens inward. As the door closes and meets the latch, it automatically locks.

The lock can be unlocked using the lever from the inside, or a key from the outside. Simple.

The latch includes an unlock feature where the user can choose to disable the locking mechanism altogether and leave the door opened. These locks are commonly found on doors in older style tenement flats.

Are There Different Types of Nightlatch?

Now it gets more interesting – of course there are different types of nightlatches. There are a few different types of nightlatches, varying in security, style, and mechanism. Typically, there are only two sizes of nightlatch (narrow and standard). However, there are several different companies that offer their own version of a nightlatch locking mechanism.

Non-Deadlocking Nightlatch
The non-deadlocking nightlatch is one of the most popular nightlatch mechanisms, and it can only be activated via a switch on the inside.

Although it remains a popular solution, it’s far from the most secure lock. It’s always a good idea to combine this with a BS5 lever deadlock just in case.

Key Deadlocking Yale Nightlatch
This type of nightlatch is very similar in design, but one with a crucial difference: it can be unlocked from the outside using a key. Similar to the non-deadlocking nightlatch, this should also be combined with a more secure lever deadlock.

Automatic deadlocking nightlatches are also used throughout the United Kingdom.

BS3621 Nightlatch
The British Standard (BS) Nightlatch is by far the most secure. Since it meets the security standards set out by BS3621, its security and protection will also be recognised by insurance providers.

It uses the auto deadlock mentioned with the previous two types of nightlatch, but it also includes an anti-drill feature to protect against forced entry. A key and lever are used inside to operate the door. From the outside, it will only operate with the correct key.

Different Types of Nightlatch and Your Needs
We could go on and on! There are many different types of nightlatch available, each with their own specific pros and cons.

While certain arrangements will offer stronger security than others, the convenience of automatic deadlocking or non-deadlocking mechanisms may make more sense depending on your access and your unique needs.

You may prefer to have a keyless exit, or a stronger security rating. More often than not, the best type of nightlatch depends on the other locks found on your window or door. Nightlatches can be used to either increase security, or provide convenience where security isn’t an issue.

Nightlatches and Training Courses with MPL

Nightlatches are just one of the many types of lock you’ll quickly learn to master on our MPL Locksmith training courses. It takes a trained eye to quickly analyse a locking arrangement, identify weaknesses, and choose the best type of nightlatch to install.

Speak to our team today and find out where the next available places are on our courses. Our professional, experienced staff can help you get your new career started today.


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