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Locksmith Training Workshop 2

Students Return for a 2nd Locksmith Training Course with MPL

Posted on : December 1, 2015

Our Locksmith Training Courses have become so popular, we have students coming back for more.

Karen Mempes and Paul Stevens first attended the 5 Day Locksmith Training Course with MPL earlier in 2015. Both students found our courses so beneficial in terms of learning and their business developments that they returned last week to further their skills and complete our 2 Day Access Control Course.

The 2 Day Access Control Locksmith Training Course covers all aspects of access control, ranging from:

  • Basic standalone applications
  • Net2 High Security solutions
  • Installing Door Entry Systems
  • Installing Control Equipment
  • Selecting the Correct Lock to Use
  • Installing Network Access Control Equipment

Karen Mempes and Paul Stevens took this course to gain a high knowledge of access control, this is a skill that not many locksmiths possess, which in turn means they are able to advertise for and complete even more profitable work.

What is access control?


Access Control refers to the security features in place that control who can access areas within a building/establishment. These security systems can range from simple indoor pin entry door locks, all the way up to high security outdoor waterproof systems.

Our 2 Day Access Control Training Course will give you a fantastic insight into building, setting-up, testing and trouble-shooting faults using core elements of modern Access Control Systems. First off you will be taken through all the laws and legislation’s that surround working with access control. We will then start to examine the types of systems that are used in today’s market, this will range from basic internal systems all the way up to external waterproof systems. You will then design, build, wire and program your own Access Control system. At the end of the course you will then be able to assess a buildings Access Control requirements, and in turn install the correct system.

What other courses do you offer?


Apart from the 2 Day Access Control course, here at MPL we also offer a fantastic selection of other Locksmith Training Courses to suit all abilities.


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