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Mr Davey Laws

Posted on : March 9, 2017

We recently received this really great feedback from one of our trainees Davey Laws who was experiencing difficulties on an important site at 10pm one evening.

We tell all our trainees that if they have a problem on site they cannot resolve, that we are help to them; this is one such case.

“I just want to take the time to thank Marc for his assistance whilst I was conducting Locksmithing work during the last week”.

“I had been called out to assist the National Grid at a property in Retford, Bassetlaw. What looked a nice easy job ended up having some real complications; after 20 minutes of trying to pick a euro cylinder, I decided to pull it as the National Grid engineer had already been onsite for 2 hours”.

“After pulling it, only half of the cylinder came out, and the remainder stayed in the door so I removed the cam but the lock still wouldn’t budge or fall out into the property to enable me to get the tool in to open the door”.

“I decided to try the back door to gain entry to the property, however, whilst drilling the screw into the keyway, yes you guessed it…………it snapped”.

“It was at this point I called Marc at MPL – mindful that the time was 10pm – for advice. I explained the situation with the front door, and Marc was able to explain the exact problem and how to rectify it, and seconds the lock fell out and I managed to gain entry”.

“It was one of those jobs where if anything could go wrong then it did, but as they say every day is a school day and I was able to call on the services of a great teacher from a great school –  thank you to Marc and all of the team at MPL for the instruction and the post course assistance, Marc has been an absolute lifesaver”



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