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Why MPL are the number 1 choice for Locksmith Training

Posted on : June 30, 2016

MPL specialises in locksmith training courses for both experienced and beginner locksmiths alike. With their purpose built locksmith training centre MPL Locksmith Training has everything you might need in order to further your professional locksmithing career, with the latest equipment and high quality training designed to suit each individual’s needs and skillsets.

What makes MPL Locksmith Training Courses different from others out there?

With over 38 years of experience MPL Locksmith Training is prepared to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. MPL know the field, the market and the profession well, so they are uniquely qualified to train you in the art of locksmithing.

Locksmith Training

They specialise in the uPVC side of the market with their sister company MPL being the biggest uPVC door lock distributor in the entire country. They have been working within the industry for years and they know where the gaps are in the market.

For a locksmith with the right skillset there is plenty of work available, and by taking part in an MPL Locksmith Training Course you are ensuring that you are taught these essential skills and setting yourself apart from other professionals out there in the market.

Given that over 80% of doors are uPVC today it is obvious that training in this area is going to be invaluable for drawing in more work. If you are prepared to put in the time and effort to train in these areas and market your business, something that MPL can also assist you with, then you really will reap the benefits, source the work and make a great living from locksmithing.

In addition to uPVC training MPL also will train you to tackle wood doors and aluminium doors, equipping you with the skills to attack the gap in the market and carry out jobs with confidence, ensuring that you can attend any and all jobs that you are called to unlike other locksmiths out there.

All locksmith-training courses with MPL are fully accredited by NCFE, with a 99% pass rate. Trainers Graham and Mark deliver the course with over 60 years combined experience, they run successful locksmithing businesses and are 100% dedicated to providing one on one tuition in small training groups.

If you are looking to improve upon your skillset, or to start from scratch then MPL Locksmith Training is the place to be to set yourself apart from the locksmithing crowd.


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Did you know MPL provide a 24 hour emergency support line for all course students & a next day supply service of Locksmith Tools, uPVC Door Locks and Locksmith Supplies...We provide the full Locksmith Training Service

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