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Locksmith Training: Working for a Company vs. Being Self-Employed

Posted on : February 3, 2022

Locksmith training is one of the best career decisions you can make, with a fast return on investment after you complete your course. Our locksmith training courses are highly inclusive, making it possible for people of all backgrounds and education levels to enjoy a lucrative career.

But what are your options after your training is done? Should you apply to work at a local or national company, or is it best to go self-employed? Many of our students come to us because they want a way to make good money, with flexibility to choose their own hours. Our training arms you with all the skills and knowledge needed to launch your own business venture, and this is the best way to maximise your earnings.

Interested in studying a locksmith course? Here are some of the reasons why being a self-employed locksmith is a fantastic option:

You get to be your own boss

When you choose to go self-employed, you get to manage your own hours and make business decisions that fit in with your lifestyle and personal commitments. For instance, if you need to juggle work with childcare, you can build a business that works for you and your family. You can employ others to take on the hours you can’t commit to, or team up with a business partner to ensure all business hours are covered.

Create a company you believe in

Running your own locksmith business means doing something you’re passionate about, without the frustrations of red tape or corporate politics. Decide what values make your company stand out. Is it integrity? Fair pricing? Customer-centricity? What matters most to you as a business owner?

Our locksmith course teaches you everything you need to know about building a reputable business – and our mentors will impart their knowledge about important values to uphold. And if you’ve seen things done badly in the past, your business is your opportunity to do things better.

You can expand your business

One of the main benefits of working for yourself is being able to grow your business in any direction. At MPL, we offer continued development through our advanced locksmith training courses, such as our Advanced Lock Picking Course, our Specialist Auto Locksmith Course, or our uPVC Repair / Tilt & Turn Course. These programmes are suitable for professionals who want to increase their skills to get more work.

It’s also possible to expand your customer base by launching services in other towns and cities, or you can ramp up earnings through commercial and local council/government contracts.

Higher starting salary

The average starting salary for employed trainee locksmiths is around £16,000 (or £20,000-£25,000 for the more experienced). But many of our students earn a lot more when they decide to work for themselves!

So it’s possible to make back what you’ve invested into your training very quickly. One of our former students, Mehmet, had a turnover of £60,000 in his first year. He paid for his locksmith course with a credit card, and was able to pay his debt off within the first two weeks of working on the road! Watch his testimonial here.

Start-up costs are relatively low

While working for a company can mean no initial output, locksmith start-up costs are relatively low compared to other business ventures. And high earning potential will mean being able to make back any investments in a short amount of time.

Initial costs to consider include:

  • Locksmith training
  • Tools and stock
  • Transport (such as a van)
  • Marketing (website, online advertising etc.)

To find out more about our locksmith courses, get in touch and request a free prospectus. Or head over to our locksmith training FAQs page for more details.


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