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Locksmith Training in Nottingham

Locksmith Career Opportunities in Nottingham

Are you looking for a locksmith training course in Nottingham? Do you want to learn new skills and kickstart a new career in your local area? If you’re interested in professional locksmith training in Nottingham, or a nearby area, MPL is here to help.

Our custom-built locksmith training centre is located just over 1.5 hours away in Wakefield, giving you one of the best options for dedicated locksmith training within easy travel distance.

For students interested in Nottingham locksmith courses, or somewhere close by, our Wakefield training Centre can be reached by car, train or bus. Furthermore, our team can also help you book accommodation, making the training process as stress-free as possible.

Each of our courses offer

Small group numbers

Maximum of 6 students on each course

24 hour helpline

for all students, offering help and advice

100% dedicated tuition

Housing Associations / group bookings also catered for

Locksmith Training Courses in Nottingham

If you are unable to find expert locksmith training in Nottingham, we have a range of courses available at MPL, located just 1.5 hours away in our Wakefield training centre.
Why travel to MPL for your training course?
At MPL, we are a City & Guilds accredited training specialist. City & Guilds is a leader in skills development and we are a chosen training provider, meaning you will get the very best in locksmith training with our highly experienced Instructors.

All of our internal training processes and systems have been accredited, which is not something many other training centres in the UK can claim. This is why so many of our students travel from all around the country to train with us, and under our skilled mentors.

If you are unable to find suitable Nottingham locksmith courses to support your career dreams, book your training with MPL today.

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Become a Locksmith

Working as a locksmith can be very rewarding, with a huge potential to create your own successful business. Many of our students love the technical and hands-on aspects of the job, while also enjoying the benefits of choosing their own hours and being their own boss.

If you would like to kickstart your locksmithing career in the Nottingham area, but you can’t find accredited locksmith training in Nottingham or surrounding cities, join us at MPL!
Locksmith training courses available
We have a range of training programmes, suitable for those who are new to locksmithing, with no prior experience – as well as existing locksmiths wanting to upskill.

Some of the courses that may be suitable for you include:

Become a locksmith in Nottingham with MPL Locksmith Training. To find out more, get in touch using our online contact form or call 01924 693293.


Q: Which locksmith training course is suitable for me?

A: If you’re new to locksmithing, we have two different courses for you to choose from. Both provide suitable training for those who want to start a career in this industry. If you need help deciding on the best programme, speak to our friendly team.

Q: Will your course give me all the skills and knowledge required to start working straight away?

A: Yes, locksmithing is a fantastic career option because you don’t need years of training to get started. Not only do our programmes give you everything you need to start taking on jobs, but many of our students go on to have very lucrative businesses of their own!

To get a better idea of how well MPL’s past students are doing, be sure to take a look at our case studies and testimonials.

MPL Locksmith Training is one of the leading locksmith training providers in the north of England and has helped to launch the careers of hundreds of locksmiths; enabling concerned homeowners to access skilled tradespeople to improve their home security and our trainees to build successful businesses.

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    Finance is available on many of our courses.

    To take advantage of the opportunities there are for skilled locksmiths in Sheffield by undertaking our locksmith training courses, call us on 01924 693293.

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    Our Courses

    5 Day Specialist Locksmith Training Course

    Are you looking to start a new career or retrain as a locksmith? Start with the UK’s most highly accredited locksmith training course. It’s the only training programme in the UK to offer the City & Guilds Accredited Programme.

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    5 Day Locksmith Training Course

    Our 5 day ultimate locksmith training course is ideal for those who are seeking a new career as a locksmith and are brand new to the industry. This is the ideal locksmith course for those looking for a comprehensive training which covers every aspect of locksmithing, providing you with the skills and knowledge to start your own locksmith business.

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    3 Day Locksmith Training Course

    Our 3 day locksmith training course has been accredited by NCFE. It’s perfect for those who are new to the industry and are seeking a new career as a locksmith. This locksmith training course covers all of the fundamental basics of locksmithing, and will give you a strong understanding and skillset from which you can start your own self-employed locksmith business.

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    2 Day Advanced Lock Picking Training Course

    This lock picking training course is ideal for locksmiths who are looking to learn to pick high security euros and mortice locks. This locksmith training course starts at an advanced level. It’s important that you already have trading experience in order to fully understand and get the most out of the training.

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    1 Day Boarding Up Course

    The MPL 1 day boarding up course is a hands-on, practical training course covering all of the different methods of (non-destructively) boarding up doors and windows. Boarding up is a very commonly required service, usually as a result of vandalism, burglary or fire damage.

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    1 Day Lock Installation Course

    Our 1 day lock installation course is perfect whether you’re an existing locksmiths looking to brush up your skills, or just starting out – lock installation is a vital skill that many locksmiths struggle with.

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    Specialist Auto Locksmith Training Course

    Our new City & Guilds Accredited Programme Specialist Auto Locksmith Training Course is ideal for those seeking a slightly different career path to standard locksmithing, and existing locksmiths who want to set themselves apart from competitors.

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    1 Day uPVC Repair Course

    Do you find that you are having to turn down uPVC work because you’re not sure how to tackle the job? Our 1 day uPVC Repair course is perfect for existing locksmiths who are looking to improve their uPVC skills and take on more work.

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    2 Day uPVC Repair / Tilt & Turn Course

    Do you find that you are having to turn down uPVC work because you’re not sure how to tackle the job? Our 2 day uPVC Repair course is perfect for existing locksmiths who are looking to improve their uPVC skills and take on more work.

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    2 Day Access Control Course

    Our 2 day Access Control course is intended for locksmiths with current knowledge, who are looking to widen their skillset and accept access control work to grow their business. It is important that you have an existing level of working knowledge before undertaking this course.

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    Did you know MPL provide a 24 hour emergency support line for all course students & a next day supply service of Locksmith Tools, uPVC Door Locks and Locksmith Supplies...We provide the full Locksmith Training Service

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