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Locksmith Salary: How Much Can I Earn?

Posted on : December 9, 2021

The locksmith salary is one of the most attractive benefits of becoming a locksmith. Because it allows you to earn a decent wage without prior qualifications. But this doesn’t mean locksmithing is a get rich quick scheme. Becoming a locksmith requires professional training, continued learning on the job, and a thirst and passion for keeping your skills up to date.

If you’re serious about taking a locksmith course, there will be so many opportunities available to you once you graduate – including a chance to launch your own business and be your own boss.

What to expect from a locksmith salary

Locksmiths can choose to work for a local or national company, or they can choose the work for themselves. The latter is the most popular, and this is what most of our students choose to do after taking our locksmith course.

Starting your own business means you have scope to earn a lot more. This is because going self-employed means you will get to earn more per hour, and you’ll also be able to have full control of the hours you work. And because our training courses are affordable, it’s a fantastic investment that will have you making the money back very soon.

One of our past students, Mehmet, had a turnover of over £60,000 in his first year!
Watch our video of Mehmet talking about how he paid for the locksmith course, and how he made his impressive locksmith salary as a self-employed tradesperson after his training.

Is there potential to grow my business?

There are many ways you can increase a basic locksmith salary when you first start out. When you run your own business, you can take the business in any direction you want. In addition to domestic locksmith services, there’s also the commercial market to consider, as well as working for the emergency services such as the police. These are areas where you may be able to get contract work that pays very well.

When it comes to growing your business or expanding your territory, taking on new employees will help you take on more work and across a bigger catchment zone.

On our training programme, we’ll help you develop specialist skills such as uPVC door lock replacements and high security lock upgrades. These are great areas to go into, as home security becomes more sought after and the uPVC door market becomes increasingly complex.

Training with MPL

At MPL Locksmith Training, we have over two decades of experience in locksmith training, including specialising in uPVC. We offer a range of courses for new and existing locksmiths, which all take place in our locksmith training centre. Our courses are a great way to start working for yourself or for an established locksmith, with many people choosing to start their own lucrative business!

Our training makes being a business owner accessible, no matter your background or previous qualifications.

If you want to start your own business like Mehmet, take a look at the locksmith courses at MPL. Our 3 or 5 day training programmes have seen students go on to form very successful locksmithing companies. To find out more, get in touch and request a free prospectus.


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