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Key Things To Ensure Your Locksmithing Website Has

Posted on : October 31, 2018

Whether you’re starting a website from scratch or looking for ways to improve your existing one, there’s a number of vital elements that any locksmith should have. Use our guide to help you set up a professional website for your locksmith business, that’s bound to get plenty of potential customers enquiring about your services.

Provide your contact details

First and foremost, your website should offer potential customers your contact details, so that they can quickly and conveniently get in touch with you during their time in need.

Your phone number is probably the most important method of contact, as your customers will want to be able to get in touch directly to discuss their requirements. Don’t forget that, with many of your websites users will now using mobiles rather than their desktops, so you should include a “tel” link, which allows them to call you easily by just clicking on your phone number.

As locksmithing is a relatively local service, you should look to including your address within your contact details too. Search engines are able to use your location to put your website in the search results for potential customers in your area, so when someone in Manchester searches for a locksmith, the results will show up locksmiths in Manchester. However, this can take a little technical work to carry out, known as SEO, but simply providing your business’ address is a great place to start.

Finally, try to include a contact form or email address as part of your contact details. Those potential customers who aren’t in a rush to find a locksmith ASAP, may prefer to fill in a form to enquire about costings. Once you have responded to them, they will probably compare your prices with other local locksmiths, before deciding to contact you through an alternative method, such as over the phone, for example.

Provide details of your services

In-depth, relevant details of your services will not only help a customer to decide whether you can fulfill their requirements, but it will also help your website to rank higher in search engine listings than competitors who fail to provide this information.

Try to provide a dedicated page for each of your locksmithing services. That way, it’s easier for potential customers to find the information they need, rather than having to skip through a wealth of content that’s irrelevant to them. You will also be able to provide much more information about your services, when you dedicate a page to each.

Promote your USPs

In an industry as competitive as the locksmithing profession, it’s imperative that your website highlights the unique selling points of your business. Whether that’s your specialism in a certain area of locksmithing, a discount for bulk orders or “no emergency callout charge”, to name a few, shout about your business’ selling points to get your potential customers interested.

Top Tip: Make these unique selling points stand out by using callouts or short worded phrases that make them more visible than the rest of the content. Use short and snappy phrases, before offering more details about your USPs in the standard page content.

Offer up your reviews

Reviews are the ultimate seal of approval for your business, offered up by customers who have experienced the quality of your work in the past. There’s no greater recommendation for a locksmith, than a positive review from previous customers, so make room for these reviews on your website.

Encourage conversions with call to Actions

Convincing visitors to your website that you’re the professional for the job is one thing, but you need to help them along towards enquiring or converting. Call to Actions on every page of your website will help to improve the customer journey and will persuade convertible customers to enquire about your services. Whether you’re encouraging them to give you a call or head to another page on your website, Call to Actions are a surefire way of persuading a visitor to do exactly what you want or need them to do.

These features are certainly the most important aspects to include on your locksmithing website, but they’re just a drop in the ocean as to what you could include. Over time, you’ll be able to test and assess the features on your website, to find out what’s working well with customers and what needs improving. You could also discover what’s missing on your website that could help to bring your locksmithing business more customers.


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