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Is There a Shortcut to Becoming a Locksmith?

Posted on : April 14, 2022

One of the best things about becoming a locksmith is the short intensive training. Compared to other careers where a three year stint at university may be required, locksmith training courses make it possible to start earning much faster.

However, to become an expert in your field, it’s important to have real on-the-job experience. Honing your craft can take many years, as well as an investment in continued professional development. Here’s everything you need to know about the quickest way to becoming a locksmith, the sort of training you’ll need, and how to be hugely successful as your own boss.

Take our 5 day course

Training to be a locksmith is a great way to kick start a lucrative career, without the need for any prior qualifications. Our locksmith training is highly accessible, and is open to people of all backgrounds and education levels.

A locksmith course is also a fraction of the cost of going to university, which means you won’t be swamped in debt after you graduate. Most of our students who go onto work for themselves are able to make back the cost of the training in a matter of months. And in terms of time investment, you can get started after less than a week of training.

After just 5 days on our Specialist Locksmith Training Course, you could have the knowledge and skills to start your own locksmith business! A beginner locksmith course is the fastest way of becoming a locksmith – but there are certainly no ‘shortcuts’ as such, as locksmithing is all about continuous learning and improvement.

The importance of on-the-job training

While some students choose to go into trainee locksmith roles after their locksmith training course, most decide to work for themselves. You don’t need a lot of overheads to get started, so setting up your own locksmith business is a popular route for our students.

By launching yourself straight into work and taking on clients, you will be able to gain experience with small jobs, eventually working your way up to larger projects. There is no better training than the hands-on training you’ll get from working in the industry, so take on as many different jobs as possible to diversify your skills. There are so many lock makes and models out there, and the longer you’ve been in the business, the more of these you’ll gain experience with. For most new locksmiths, it can take up to three years before you become truly expert.

If you have some previous work experience in the same or similar roles, you may progress a little faster. For instance, students who have previously worked as a carpenter, a joiner, or any line of work where good dexterity or mechanical skills are required, may find the locksmith training course to be easier. They may also find it easier to grow their business at speed due to their experience in trade.

Continued professional development

After your initial locksmith course, it’s important to continue to invest in your training. At MPL, we offer a range of courses that help existing professionals advance their skills. These include autosmith training, boarding up training, uPVC repair, tilt and turn, and others.

Many students who train with us as beginners return while running their own business to gain skills in these areas. By developing their knowledge further, they are able to offer a wider range of services, taking on more jobs and high value contracts.

If you’re worried about paying for locksmith training, we offer finance options to help you cover the cost of the course, with flexible terms and lending that matches your situation. Do you want to find out more? For full details on our locksmith courses, contact our team and request a free prospectus.


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