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How to Find a Good Locksmith

Posted on : October 28, 2020

We cover a lot of information on our MPL locksmith training courses. While some of our courses are specifically designed for experienced locksmiths looking to brush up on their skills or even to learn some new ones, many of our courses are designed for locksmiths new to the industry. And as everybody in the industry knows, there’s more to becoming a locksmith than simply learning the locks.

Of course, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the most common locks in Britain. But, crucially, we’ll also teach you how to start your business and market yourself. You could be the best-trained locksmith in the country, but if nobody knows how to find you, then you won’t find yourself booked for any jobs.

Let’s figure out how to find a good, reliable locksmith close to you. Once you’re fully trained as a locksmith, these are the methods and techniques that customers will use to find you, so you need to make sure that you’ll meet these expectations.

Accreditation and Verification

This is the number one thing that people should be looking for when they search for a sound and dependable locksmith. Unfortunately, this has recently become something of a grey area.

That’s because the UK Government doesn’t regulate locksmith services. There are currently no requirements in the UK for licensing through the government, or for other authorities to operate as a locksmith. We hope that this will change in the years to come because, currently, there are thought to be thousands of untrained, uncertified UK-based locksmiths.

Uncertified locksmiths aren’t dependable, and there’s no guarantee that the job they do will meet the industry standards. That being the case, clients should always be looking to confirm that their locksmith has some form of locksmith training accreditation.

City & Guilds

City & Guilds is a leader in global skills development and has been active in the UK for more than 140 years. The association “works with education providers, employers and governments in over 100 countries across the world to help people, businesses, and economies grow by shaping skills systems and supporting skills development.”

Our Specialist 5 Day Locksmith Training Programme and Specialist Auto Locksmith Training Course are both fully City & Guilds Accredited. You’ll need to pass an exit exam and, when you do, you’ll have a City & Guilds Accredited Programme Number to show to clients.

Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE)

Finally, we also offer a 3-day and 5-day NCFE Approved training course. The NCFE is another not-for-profit organisation and is a leading provider of educational services. Once you’ve completed either one of these intense courses, you’ll leave with a level 3 certificate, accredited by NCFE as well as MPL.

By accrediting your locksmith services with any of these associations, you’ll immediately gain the trust of prospective clients.

Recommendations and Word-of-Mouth

How do you get a name to check in the first place? As traditional as ever, word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective communication when it comes to recommendations in trade. And that means that both good work – and bad work – travels far.

Our training team will make sure that you leave with a detailed knowledge of British locks and all the skills you need to flourish. There won’t be such a thing as a ‘bad job’, and we expect you to quickly develop a positive reputation with your new skillset.

Compare Quotes

Another thing that customers should be looking to do is compare a few different quotes. Money talks, and it often shows with quotes from different locksmiths.

We’ll teach you how to properly identify, survey, and estimate the cost involved with each job. That way, you can present a clear breakdown of the costs to your client. Other, lesser trained locksmiths, won’t be able to do the same.

And when your competitors submit unclear quotes that are too low, your client should immediately be able to distinguish between their lack of accreditation and your show of quality.

Analyse the Specialist Skills

Customers also need to check the specialist skills of the locksmith they contact. Have they accidentally contacted a locksmith that specialises in uPVC repair? What if they only deal with auto and electronic services? On top of your fundamental locksmith training, you can always add to your skillset with MPL, so that you can reach even more customers.

Check the Reviews

Finally, customers should be looking to check a locksmith’s reviews. As with many other purchases, we check the reviews and references before we hand over the cash. Why should locksmithing be any different?

On your locksmith training course, we’ll teach you all about the different review platforms, and which ones are worth your investment. By the time you leave our building, you’ll know how to tackle any locksmith issue, and how to market yourself to get yourself started in the industry.

Speak to our team today and find out how you can book a place on any of our NCFE-approved and City & Guilds accredited training courses. We have the quality, experience, and business know-how to help get your new career started with a bang.


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