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Do Locksmiths Need a DBS Check?

Do Locksmiths Need a DBS Check?

Posted on : January 23, 2023

If you’re looking to begin your career as a locksmith then you’re probably looking up all the accreditations and requirements that you need to enter the industry. But something you may have overlooked in your research is a DBS check…

Employers use DBS checks to review your past in order to determine whether you’ve had any criminal convictions and if you are a suitable candidate for the role at hand. They’re most commonly used in job roles where you work with vulnerable people, children or the elderly, like doctors, teachers, carers, etc.

So surely locksmiths don’t need a DBS check, right? Well, technically no, but it may be compulsory for specific locations or jobs and can be hugely beneficial in helping you to secure work! Let’s break it down…

Is a DBS Check Required by Law for Locksmiths?

As it stands, there are no legal requirements surrounding DBS checks for locksmiths in the UK.

Though not required by law, there are some circumstances where a locksmith will need to prove a clean and up-to-date DBS check; especially if you’re taking on sub-contract work then a DBS check could be required depending upon the location of the jobs you’re sent to. For example, environments like schools and hospitals, etc. require all members of staff and those visiting the premises to carry out essential work to have a DBS check. Without proof of a clean DBS check, you will not be allowed on site and therefore you won’t be able to carry out the job at hand.

Benefits of a DBS Check for Locksmiths

Though it’s not a legal requirement, a DBS check can be incredibly valuable for a locksmith!

Selling Point

A DBS check can be utilised in your marketing strategy – think of it as another accreditation under your belt. You can then add ‘DBS Checked’ to your website or social media which could help to give you a competitive edge over other locksmiths in the area.

Peace of Mind for Customers

Some customers may be nervous or apprehensive about using the services of a locksmith. It does require a certain level of trust as individuals or businesses are giving you access to their properties. A DBS check, therefore, can be used as a trust signal that proves to your customers that you are a trustworthy, reliable and honourable person.

Working with Local Authorities

It’s common that local authorities, particularly the police, will require the assistance of a local locksmith. While this is great for business, it can mean that you’re often in stressful or upsetting situations involving potentially vulnerable people. If someone has just been the victim of a burglary or is suffering from domestic violence, they may be extremely nervous about strangers on their property; a DBS check may make them feel safer during these tough times.

Maximise Job Opportunities

As a locksmith, you never know where your job might take you, and the last thing you want is to have to turn down jobs in locations that require a DBS check! If you’re DBS checked, then you’re less restricted in terms of the jobs and locations you can work in.

How Do I Apply for a DBS Check?

There are three different types of DBS checks available – Basic, Standard and Enhanced. As an individual, you will only be able to apply for a Basic DBS check, as the Standard and Enhanced versions are only available to certain organisations and companies.

The Basic DBS check includes any unspent criminal conviction that you have on your record. Whereas the Standard and Enhanced check types are more in-depth and cover both spent and unspent convictions, as well as cautions and warnings too.

Applying for a Basic DBS check is easy to do; simply apply online by filling out the form and you’ll receive your certificate within 14 days.

Do I Need a DBS Check to Become a Locksmith?

No, it’s not essential for locksmiths in the UK to be DBS checked, although it is recommended due to the type of work they carry out. At MPL Locksmith Training, we provide a wide range of locksmith training courses designed to suit all levels of ability and we’ll always advise people to invest in a DBS check once they’ve completed their training! If you’ve still got queries surrounding locksmithing in general or DBS checks, feel free to contact us on 01924 693 293 and a member of the team will be happy to help!


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