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A Diamond Move For Locksmith Shane

Posted on : July 6, 2017

It’s seven years since locksmith Shane Diamond opted for a career change and he’s not looked back since! He’s in control of his life!

Shane, who hails from the Robin Hood area of Wakefield, had done a number of different jobs in admin, banking, insurance and transport before deciding to make the break and work for himself as a locksmith.

“I opted to do the MPL locksmith training course which, back then, took place at Bradford City’s Valley Parade stadium. It was a risk but one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

“The course was thorough and very empowering. It gave me all of the skills and knowledge to deal with virtually any kind of lock and I’ve regularly ‘topped up’ my skills on MPL’s additional range of locksmith courses.

“Within a month of ‘graduating’ I’d already earnt what I’d paid for the course and within two months I was fully up and running with a viable business and all of my tools and hardware paid for.

“Seven years on and I’m doing just fine. Being self employed I can find more valuable time to spend with my young family and I’ve been able to start on a project refurbishing an old fishing boat at Stanley Marina.

“I’ve got control over my life and my time with the MPL course giving me the keys to unlock a fantastic new career,” concluded Shane.


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