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David Bartlett

Posted on : March 7, 2018

I did my 5 day training with MPL on the 13th October last year, I was working for a company installing CCTV / Alarms systems, It absolutely changed my life for the better, after the course finished on the Friday I felt empowered after everything we had learnt. The support afterwards has also been amazing, from the locksmith bible you receive, the support on the phone & when you order from the trade counter, even if you don’t know the product you are looking for specifically, they are so helpful.

I can honestly say I never thought before I did the course that I could be working for myself within weeks.

I have stopped the job I had and am now a full time locksmith and couldn’t be happier.

I have now been working for myself since the end of November, but even before I took the plunge and stopped my old job I was still able to cover some subcontract work, kind of testing the water beforehand.

No two days are the same, Getting called out to someone who has locked their keys inside the house, or a failed door mechanisms that is stuck in the closed position, changing Euro cylinders & night-latches to boarding up windows and doors after customers have been broken into, knowing you have made them safe again is a wonderful feeling.

My days can vary greatly take the other day, started with a call to an American lady that wasn’t used to the night-latch lock on her front door and had gone outside and the door had shut behind her, after calling me I was with her in about 30 minutes, it took me no time at all to slip the latch and she could not have been happier, back in the warm and dry.

Then it was onto a customer that had lost the keys to their garage door, it was a standard half Euro 5 pin cylinder, picked using my Dino electric pick gun.

Back home for a nice relaxing lunch then onto a Euro cylinder change for a customer she was concerned about security so asked my advice which I am always happy to give. She upgraded her cylinder to high security dimple pin cylinders.

The rest of my day was quiet till around 9pm when I had a call out to a family that that had been broken into, the culprits had smashed the glass on their French doors at the rear of the property, I got to them and secured their door by boarding it over and using batons and coach bolts so not to damage the frame of their door.

Then it was home for a well deserved dinner.

I want to convey my sincere thanks to everyone from MPL, from the way my enquiry was handled the course booking was great. I had so much fun on the course too learning so many things that have taken me from being employed and earning in a minimum wage job to being my own boss and taking my own business forward.

Thanks MPL I couldn’t have done it without you!!


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