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Coronavirus Policy

Posted on : March 17, 2020

In light of the current ongoing events around the world we thought it was necessary that we reach out to our customers regarding Coronavirus and how we can all play our part going forwards.

We take the upmost pride in our level of service and customer care at MPL in the interests of maintaining this whilst keeping our customers and staff in good health.

We are cleaning more frequent than usual. The training areas, kitchens and toilets are being thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.

All staff and candidates have been instructed to sanitise after using the toilet and as and when they have coughed or sneezed and also before consuming food after using tools.

Staff have been briefed about self isolation if they are starting to show symptoms or indeed if they have been in contact with anyone displaying the symptoms of the virus

Should any of our customers who are booked in start to show any symptoms please let us know prior to our visit so we can take the appropriate action.

We ask that any visitors who visit us to be mindful and not enter the premises if they have any symptoms themselves.

We will carry on with ‘business as usual’ until there is further guidance from the Government but we do have a duty of care to each other and it’s imperative that we keep both customers and staff healthy.

Our policies that have been put into place can be seen in full below along with the most up to date policies from the Holiday Inn Hotel in which our travelling candidates stay.

We hope everyone is understanding of the above and continues to support us the best they can throughout this period.

Stay Safe and Best Wishes

Nicky England (Managing Director)

Click here to see our policy document


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