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Choosing The Right Locksmith Training Company

Posted on : August 13, 2018

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in locksmithing, it pays to develop your skills with the help of a locksmithing training course. These courses take very little time and will equip you with the key knowledge and practical skills needed, to kickstart your role as a professional locksmith. However, with a fair number of locksmith training companies offering these courses across the country, how do you know which one to invest your time, money and effort with?

This guide will offer tips and tricks to help you with your research, with the key things to consider when looking for the best quality locksmith training company.

Assess their offerings

The first thing to look for when comparing the different locksmith training companies, is what they offer as part of their training courses. Some providers may promote just one course that covers the basics, whereas others will divide their training into a number of condensed courses. These courses will allow you to focus your efforts on the basics to begin with, to then develop more expert skills over time.

It’s well worth taking the time to assess each provider and to make a note of how they approach the training. What works for one person might not necessarily work well for you, so it’s important to know how they go about their training and to see which scheme is best for your own development.

You should also take a look at how the courses are actually taught. As you’re looking to gain new locksmithing skills, then a practical approach to the course is likely to be much more useful to you. If you are looking to use the course to set up as a self employed locksmith then it’s also worth seeing if the course covers any other aspects such as business and marketing.

Do they have any accreditations?

Some locksmith training providers have been assessed and approved by professional bodies, such as City & Guilds, to showcase the quality of their training courses. These accreditations act as a seal of approval from these organisations and are a sign that you, as a customer, can trust the services they provide.

When comparing the different locksmith training companies on offer, look out for any accreditations they have and rule out any companies that haven’t yet achieved this seal of approval. Their accreditations should be displayed on their website, so it shouldn’t take too long to rule out any providers that haven’t yet reached this level of quality.

What industry experience do the trainers have?

As a beginner in the field of locksmithing, it makes sense to be trained by professionals in the industry who have years of practical experience behind them. You won’t receive the same quality training by someone who has minimal experience, or who has never worked in the field before.

Take our trainers, for example. Each of our professionals have spent decades working in the locksmithing industry, so have plenty of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to teach beginners like yourself. Some still work as a locksmith, so you can rest assured you’re in the right hands.

Do other people recommend the course?

Reviews and recommendations play a crucial role in establishing whether or not a locksmith training company is worth its salt. You’ll never have a better understanding of how well a provider performs, than from the words of those who have taken their training courses in the past. Here at MPL Locksmith Training we use an independent review management company to ensure our reviews are collected fairly, and the feedback is effectively used to improve our courses wherever possible.

Once you have narrowed down your list of training providers, take a look through the reviews they have received, to see if any come highly recommended. Don’t limit your research to the reviews displayed on their website – check out the likes of Google Business reviews and forums, for completely unbiased reviews that will give you a true picture of the quality of these courses.

What have others done since taking the training course?

Once you have read through some reviews and perhaps found a training provider that you might be interested in signing up with, why not try to find out a little more about previous trainees and what they have done since? Whether that’s through commenting on their review or searching for their LinkedIn profile, you could find out whether they have made something of their locksmithing career and use this to assess how beneficial the training course could be for you.

By making the effort to research each of the locksmith training companies you’re interested in, you could end up picking the best of the bunch and investing in a programme that’s exactly what you were looking for, if not more. Spending time, money and effort with a quality locksmith training company is key to starting a successful career in the field, which is what makes this initial research extremely worthwhile.


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