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How to Promote the Benefits of Snap-Safe Cylinder Locks Over Standard Locks

Posted on : October 18, 2019

One of the greatest skills you can develop as a locksmith is a good depth of knowledge about the types of locks you can install. Being able to offer your customers advice about home security in general, and locks specifically, will allow them to recognise your expertise and help to build trust.

Often, there is a trigger for having your locks changed: post-burglary or attempted burglary; a broken lock; to prevent a particular person or persons accessing the home; or when moving into a new home. However, increasing numbers of people are proactively seeking to upgrade their locks. It’s a good time to think about it, as burglaries traditionally spike around this time of year due to darker nights. Plus, the national awareness campaign – National Home Security Month – creates a lot of media noise around home security.

As well as the opportunities that lock upgrades present to locksmiths, you also have a responsibility to offer good advice and reassurance to your customers. This is more likely to generate repeat business as your customers trust your advice.

Upgrading to snap-safe cylinder locks

Locks are the first line of defence for any property and, of all the security measures you can implement, a good quality lock is the most fundamental. Reinforce this point with all customers. The most secure locks are SS312 Diamond Sold Secure standard. They are more expensive than standard cylinder locks, but here are the benefits to help you make the sale:

Traditional cylinder locks can be snapped

As we know, traditional cylinder locks are vulnerable to lock snapping where the cylinder is broken to manipulate the lock to open. Snap-safe locks break at a designated point that doesn’t allow for the lock to be opened, making a break-in much more difficult.

Lock-snapping is easy

You don’t need special tools. It takes just a few seconds to do, and you can even watch videos on YouTube that show you how to snap a lock.

Lock-snapping is common

Lock-snapping accounts for around a quarter of break-ins. With the exception of an unlocked door (a third of burglaries are insecure break-ins), it represents one of the easiest ways to access a house.

Why promote snap-safe locks?

Snap-safe locks cost a little more than standard cylinders so there’s a small additional margin to be made on the product. However, installation takes the same amount of time, so you may wonder what’s in it for you as a locksmith to convince your customers. Well, apart from the professional responsibility to enable your customers to achieve strong home security, you’re also selling your knowledge and expertise as a locksmith. This builds trust and your customers are more likely to trust you to review other locks such as windows and garages. Plus, if anyone does attempt a break-in, the most likely outcome is that the break-in will be thwarted by the lock, but the cylinder will break at its designated point and need to be replaced. No greater evidence would be required to show the value of your recommendation and you would be the tradesperson of choice for any replacements.

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