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Andrew – Leeds Locksmiths

Posted on : September 23, 2020

I did the full 5 day course with MPL and found it great. Marc the trainer really knew his stuff not just on the technical side but the business side also (many locksmiths are perfectly good but don’t know how to market etc, knowing this is just as important).

There are online ‘locksmith courses’ around online which I have actually tried myself prior to coming to MPL. However nothing can beat learning in person which is why I went to MPL.

Having made the money back that I paid for the course very quickly it’s looking good from here!

I should also note that it’s not just the knowledge learned that impressed me. But also the contacts gained from the course were just as valuable. I was introduced to a company that works with the police in securing doors after break ins etc. This company ONLY hires people who have undertaken a professional locksmith course (of which MPL’s is City & Guilds + NCFE registered). I have also undertaken work for places such as schools & businesses who absolutely insist to see your credentials before trusting you with dealing with their locks. Even the best locksmiths out there could physically not get this work without having the accreditation’s which MPL provides, so it’s well worth having. Oh and the MPL technical assistance line has helped me get out of fair few tricky situations.

In the future I will be aiming to book on their access control installation course in order to expand my services once I have some time as I have no doubt it will pay for itself.

Should you wish to call me for a chat regarding questions about the course I would be happy to help. You can find me at Leeds Locksmith.


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