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Auto Locksmith Tools

A Guide to Auto Locksmith Equipment

Posted on : March 27, 2020

In many of our locksmith training blog posts, we talk about the different types of locks and the different ways that our training courses will help you become a fully trained locksmith. But we’ve generally stuck to talking about the most common types of locks found in British homes – what about the locks that are an important part of everyday automation?

The locking mechanism on your car, for instance, is vastly different to the lock on your front door. And it’s no less important. Every single day, British drivers make calls to auto locksmiths in desperate need of car lock access and repair. Today, we’re going to take a look at the unique equipment that auto locksmiths need to use, why that equipment requires specialist training, and how our Specialist Auto Locksmith Training Course can help you beat the competition.

What is an Auto Locksmith?

Automotive locksmiths are fully trained and certified locksmiths that work with the locks and keys specifically related to vehicles. Although the most common auto locksmith service is to assist with emergency access to a car due to a broken key or lock, they’re trained in many other services as well.

Modern car keys use ignition chips that communicate with internal car computers. If those keys are lost or damaged, then a new chip needs to be programmed to communicate with the computer. As part of our auto locksmith training, you’ll learn how to “cut” a new car key, assist with access to locked cars, reprogramme remote fobs, and open damaged car doors.

Locksmiths that haven’t undertaken additional training in a specific auto locksmith course usually aren’t able to assist with automotive locks. As you’re probably already aware, the technology used in automotive locks and keys is different to the locks around your home. One of the biggest differences is that auto locksmiths need to be fully trained in using specific automotive equipment.

What Equipment Does an Auto Locksmith Need?

Auto locksmiths are still required to carry much of the usual locksmith equipment, just as they would with normal locks.

However, the biggest difference for an automotive locksmith is the need to use a computer. Since you may need to reprogramme keys and ignition chips, you’ll need to use an intelligent device that is capable of programming and transmitting encrypted data.

Much of the digital work is usually carried out with specific software. So, once you’ve acquired a suitable computer, you’ll learn how to use the programming software as well.

But as an auto locksmith, you will also need to rekey laser locks and replace broken locks.

In other situations, you will need to help drivers with emergency access to a vehicle. Gaining access to locked cars is slightly different to gaining access to locked houses and windows, and specialised tools are required.

First of all, you’ll need to use unique picks for unique locks. LISHI picks, Mr Li picks, and inner groove picks are just three of the many picks that you’ll be fully trained on as part of our auto locksmith training course. Long reach tools, Edge locks, Tibbie locks, gold fingers, and button tools are other essential pieces of auto locksmith equipment that you will become familiar with.

You’ll cover locks specific to car manufacturers, and even airbags as well. Our 3-day auto locksmith training course covers the majority of what you need to know about auto locksmithing, and the equipment that is used on a day-to-day basis.

Who Can Become an Auto Locksmith?

The good news is that although it may sound complex, auto locksmithing is a great career choice for anybody interested in locksmithing.

The majority of people attending our training course are current locksmiths looking to expand their skillset. Taking the next step into auto locksmithing gives you an advantage over other businesses, and allows you to carry out more work. Where other locksmiths devote themselves purely to standard locksmith work, you’ll be one of few auto locksmiths able to cover both home and automotive work.

But that’s not to say that our course is only an option for certified locksmiths. In fact, students that are new to the industry will benefit from focusing on such a specific locksmith trade, and becoming an expert in that field.

Auto Locksmith Training with MPL

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced locksmith running your own enterprise, you will benefit from our Specialist Auto Locksmith Training Course.

Speak to our team today if you have any questions about the equipment you’ll learn to use on our auto locksmith training course. Our friendly team of locksmith experts are also happy to explain how our course is City & Guilds accredited, and how you can enrol on the next training course near you.


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