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3 Reasons to Consider Auto Locksmith Training

Posted on : September 13, 2022

Training to be a locksmith is a fantastic way to gain the necessary skills to start your own business. Many of our students go on to run their own successful locksmithing companies, and we’re here to provide continued support and training as they grow and expand.

For instance, we can deliver bespoke staff training if you decide to invest in a larger team. Or we can offer specialist training programmes to help you upskill and diversify your services. One of these options is auto locksmith training – this area is fast-growing and lucrative, and we highly recommend our specialist course to anyone who wants to develop their business further.

Whether you’re an existing locksmith looking to improve your skills, or you’re considering this career path for the first time, here are three reasons to include a auto locksmith course in your training plans.

1) Auto locksmiths are in demand

Car locksmiths are always needed, and adding this skill to your training will help you create a steady flow of work. In fact, UK motorists are notoriously bad at keeping hold of their keys, with £180 million being spent every year on replacing car keys that are lost. And according to the RAC, millions of drivers regularly forget where their keys are placed.

2) Add more services to your business

By adding more services to your locksmithing business, you can expand your customer base and increase your bottom line. With our training course, you will develop the necessary skills to gain access into locked vehicles of every kind. This means you’ll be able to say ‘yes’ to a range of car locksmith jobs – if you’ve been turning down work because you lack the skills, this locksmith course is for you.

During your training, you will learn to understand the electronics behind auto locks, their inner workings, how to strip down, identify, service, repair, rebuild, and re-key vehicle locking mechanisms.

3) It’s an affordable way to futureproof your business

Futureproofing your business is essential if you want to remain competitive in your industry. Not only do you need to stay ahead of other organisations offering the same services as you, but automotive technology is always evolving.

New locking mechanisms and automatic electronic car locks are being developed all the time. At MPL, we’ll help you train in the latest techniques – but don’t worry, it doesn’t take complex programming to become an automotive locksmith and our course doesn’t cover programming at any stage!

We also offer a range of finance options to help you fund the course, making it a cost-effective way to upskill. And because of the increased work you’ll get after completing the course, the cost of training will deliver an excellent return on investment.

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