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Shoreline Housing and Humberside Police Case Study

Posted on : July 14, 2017

A Grimsby-based housing association, working closely with its local Police force, has come up with a solution to costly damage caused to front doors as a result of Police raids.

Shoreline Housing is now liaising with Humberside Police to ensure fully qualified locksmiths trained by Wakefield-based locksmith and security training provider MPL are on hand to make the process of accessing tenants’ properties far simpler.

Stephen Watkins of Shoreline has recently completed a locksmith course with Wakefield-based training provider MPL and he commented: “One of the biggest problems we have as a housing association is when Police break down doors on a raid.

“They punch big holes in doors and we have to spend a lot of time and money on repairs and replacement doors. Each damaged door can cost up to £1400 to replace and can take all day to replace. That adds up when you have 10 raids on average per month.

“We are now liaising closely with the Police when it comes to these raids. When there are qualified locksmiths on hand to assist with means of entry then there is no need to damage front doors.

“We feel this approach can work for all housing associations and reduce the financial impact of clearing up after Police raids,” added Stephen.

Nicky England of MPL commented: “We’re delighted to see Stephen graduate recently and are fully behind his initiative on behalf of Shoreline Housing.

“When you have skilled locksmiths like Stephen on hand to assist the Police there really should be no need to damage doors,” added Nicky.


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