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What services as a locksmith can you offer?

Posted on : March 31, 2017

When asked about what locksmiths do, the first thing that many people will think about is to help you when you’ve locked yourself out. Whilst this is a service that locksmiths offer, there’s so much more that they can offer too. We’re going to run through a few different services that you, as a locksmith, could offer. Hopefully there’s something in this list that can give you ideas to help you expand your business further.

Emergency Services

As mentioned above, this is the service that locksmith are known for. Most locksmiths will offer an emergency call out service to help people gain entry to their property if they happen to lock themselves out, or in other cases, an unexpected mechanism failure.

You can offer this out as an out of hours service, with some locksmiths offering 24/7 call outs.

Vehicle Entry

AA have previously reported that they’ve been called out to over 130 cases in 18 days where people have locked their keys in the car. That’s over 7 each day and as a locksmith, vehicle entry is a service that you can offer.

Along with vehicle entry you can also offer a number of different services around auto locksmithing including:

  • Repair of car key fobs
  • Program remote keys and transponders
  • Cut car keys

At MPL we offer an auto locksmith course which will give you the skills to start offering this service. Find out more here or call 01924 693 293

Access Control

As a locksmith you could offer services to install and maintain access control systems. These are usually electronic systems which could grant access via a code or a key card. As part of this service you will need to be able to make recommendations on which access control systems will meet the recommendations of your client, which could include whether a standalone or PC based system would be most appropriate or not.

At MPL we offer an access control course which will give you the skills to start offering an access control service. Find out more here or call 01924 693 293

uPVC Repair and Replace

Due to the nature of uPVC, the locks contained within uPVC products requires training and experience. As a locksmith you can offer services to replace and repair both the locks and the uPVC. This doesn’t only include doors, most windows are made out of uPVC and also contain locks.

At MPL we offer an uPVC repair and repair course which will give you the skills to start offering it as a service. Find out more here or call 01924 693 293


You should also be able to offer services around safes. This will mainly involve helping your customer find a safe that meets their needs and making sure that it’s fitted correctly. They wouldn’t want someone walking away with their whole safe!

You could also offer services including opening and repairing safes. There are number of situations where a potential customer could need these services, such as a malfunction in the safe itself or if the safes been inherited and the new owner doesn’t have access.


You may also want to offer more broader security services. This could include fitting things such as CCTV or offering lock and security upgrades. If your customer has a standard cylinder lock, there’s a chance for you to explain that these can be easily broken into and suggest more secure alternatives. Offering an upgrade like this to your customer is a great way to up sell to them and generate more profit.


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