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Our biggest ever

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Why Locksmithing is a Good Career Choice 2018

Posted on : January 26, 2018

If you’re considering taking on a trade as a career, there are plenty to consider, one of which is Locksmithing. Becoming a Locksmith has an abundance of benefits, especially in 2018 and looking to the future. Read on to discover more about Locksmithing and what makes it a fantastic career choice in the trade this year.

Supply and demand

You’ve probably heard the term, a dying trade, which is used to describe many practical jobs that don’t really hold much potential as the UK changes and develops. Locksmithing is a role that couldn’t be further from a dying trade, with increasing numbers of individuals and businesses requiring the skills of a Locksmith year after year.

Firstly, there’s the domestic market, with many homeowners needing the help of a Locksmith after moving to a new home, losing their keys or falling victim to a burglary. There’s also the growing buy to let market, in which landlords require a change in locks each time they take on a tenant. There’s also the opportunity to specialise in specific areas of locksmithing such as uPVC repair and maintenance, or high security upgrades.

Secondly, there’s the commercial market. There are numerous numbers of office spaces being built in developing cities, along with shops and hotels being introduced on a regular basis. These are just a few of the commercial spaces and businesses looking for the skills of a Locksmith, to ensure they are secure enough for business to be carried out there.

It’s this constant stream of demand that allows the Locksmithing trade to continue growing, with more and more professionals needed to join the industry every year to cater to this demand.

Potential for a decent salary

As our recent course video testimonials show, there’s huge opportunity to earn a rewarding salary when starting to trade as a locksmith. Click here to see how one of our past students Mehmet had a turn over of over £60,000 in his first year. He has even to employ a further 2 people which he’s put through the MPL courses in order to manage his workload.

Every area in the UK requires reliable and professional Locksmiths

Wherever you’re situated within the UK, there’s no doubt that a Locksmith will be required nearby, and for many different reasons.

You could live closeby to somewhere with a high crime rate, where a large number of burglaries or vandalism takes place. This could be quite off-putting for many people, however, as strange as it sounds, it opens up a lot of opportunity for a Locksmith.

On the other hand, you might be close to a developing area, with plenty of hotels, new-build apartments and commercial spaces being built. As the area grows, so too does your opportunity as a local Locksmith.

Wherever you may be in the UK, there’s always going to be some demand for a Locksmith.

Top Tip: If you’re thinking about setting up your own Locksmithing business, it’s well worth carrying out some research into your local area and the surrounding areas, to see how many similar businesses are already operating nearby and the way in which they are advertising their businesses.

You can start small and grow as you go

MPL offer a 5 day locksmith training course to give you all of the necessary base skills and knowledge that you need to begin trading as a locksmith – although as you can imagine, this is just the start; there’s still a lot of learning to be done out on the job to really enhance and refine your skills. We also offer further progression courses such as our auto locksmith training course, or our access control course to further your knowledge. This means you can start to earn some money from the very beginning, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind with any essential outgoings you might have.

Here are a number of ways in which our past students have been able to find work when starting out as a self employed locksmith:

  • approaching local police forces who require non-destructive entry assistance
  • speaking to national reactive locksmith companies who are actively looking for subcontractors
  • mailshots and local advertising campaigns to encourage homeowners to undertake security upgrades
  • taking on warrant work through a number of national warrant organisations

The Locksmithing trade has so much to offer in terms of skills, salary and potential, and there couldn’t be a better time to think about starting your career as a Locksmith than in 2018.

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