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Excellent Service from MPL Locksmith Training Student

Posted on : April 6, 2016

Here at MPL Locksmith Training we regularly receive feedback from our students about the skills they have gained while taking our locksmith training courses. However we don’t often receive feedback from customers who our students have completed work for… until now.

One of our students (Martyn Firth) was recently called to help fix an issue with a local customer’s garage door lock. Martyn completed both the 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith Training Course and the 2 Day Advanced Locksmith Training Course with us here at MPL, which enabled and gave him the skills to complete the job in hand.

When the job was completed, Martyn received the following feedback which he has passed on to us:


“Totally excellent. We found a problem (garage key wouldn’t come out of lock) at 3.15. Pleasant, efficient human being on the phone, promised locksmith would arrive before 5.30. In fact Martyn Firth came by 4.20, and in 15 minutes he had shown us the problem, dismantled lock, and agreed with us that it wasn’t one to just fit back in; part of the lock had worn away inside, so was stopping key turning. New lock fitted, total cost £100 (we’d been told call out was £60). Worth every penny for speedy service, efficient explanation, and exceptionally pleasant Martyn; ask for him personally.”

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