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Posted on : February 19, 2016

If you’re looking to grow your locksmith business, it can be difficult to identify sometimes just how you might do this. One of the best ways any company can grow and get ahead of their competitors is not just to be better than them, but to be different from them. And an excellent way of doing this? Add UPVC lock and repair services to your capabilities.

If you’re not confident in UPVC repair work, then you could be missing out on a whole host of work out there. Why not take the opportunity to grow your business this year and enrol on our 1 day UPCV repair course? Take a look at some of the reasons it could seriously aid your business and its growth:

Door repairs account for the majority of a locksmith’s work
It’s a fact that door repairs account for the majority of a locksmith’s work, and it is also a fact that now, composite and UPVC doors outnumber wooden doors. It’s essential for any business to stay up-to-date with the latest market trends, which means that if you’re not fully conversant with UPVC repair work, you could be missing out on valuable business and falling behind your competitors.

Many UPVC installation companies are unwilling to take on smaller jobs
Often, the first port of call for people when they have problems with a UPVC door or window lock is a UPVC installation company. However as these sorts of business make their big money on the installation side of things, many aren’t interested in coming out for smaller jobs such as a window lock repair. That means there is an opportunity for people who are willing to do such work! Locksmiths are the next logical people to contact and with not all locksmiths dealing with or at least being confident with UPCV repair work, it’s a real opportunity to pick up lucrative business.

UPVC repairs peak in both winter and summer
Throughout the year, certain types of lock and door problems tend to peak at certain times, and it is important for any locksmith to be able to make the most of these opportunities. The great thing about UPVC work is that it peaks in both the winter and the summer. In the colder weather, you’ll often see UPVC doors contracting, shrinking the door a few millimetres which in turn throws the locking mechanism out of line which can then cause other problems. In summer, you’ll often find the opposite problem, with the heat expanding the door slightly and resulting in a door that seems to big for the frame. This sort of work is common so having the skills to deal confidently deal with UPCV can be lucrative.

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