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Sammy Jameson

Hi Graham

I personally got a lot out of the course.

I found the information relayed to the course students to be both informative and interesting. I found both Graham and Brandon to be excellent instructors who took the time to fully explain the various topics.I found the practical side of the course to be of most help with plenty of time allocated to practice.

I feel that 3 days was just about the correct length of time for the course content although I am certain there would be a lot more for us to learn given more time and resources.I want to thank both Graham and Brandon for their patience and understanding and for the knowledge that they passed on to us.

I hope to use the new skills that I now possess to embark upon a new field of work.

Please email me the next time you are coming to Northern Ireland and maybe we can get together and enjoy a meal or even show you some of the local sights.

Thank you

John Palmer – Qualified locksmith

Hi Nicky,

I have today (Friday) received my certificate for the locksmith course I undertook with your company, I must say what a nice certificate, I am justly proud of my achievement that would not have been possible without your help.I wish to convey my thanks to you all at Multipoint Locks, with a special thanks to Mark.

I look forward to attending the UPV course in time.

Once again, thank you all for your help and assistance, both on the course and in the shop.

Best regards

Devon and Cornwall Police

In case any force is considering going further down the non-destructive Method of Entry route, we at Devon and Cornwall recently sent 3 instructors on a 3-day Locksmith Course run by MPL in Bradford ( Highly recommended it has transformed the way we use Snappers, Pullers and Mica Cards together with opening up new avenues of drilling & picking (you never know!).

The course was very bespoke and the instructor more than happy to adapt to our needs. If you want any more info, feel free to contact me.

Rich Jenkins

Andy Mills, Millgate Locksmith Services

Andy from Millgate Locksmith Services shares some of his experiences of MPL’s Locksmith Training Academy, Training Courses, Tutors and much more. He also points out how our courses have helped him to improve his turnover and business, with new skills opening doors to more opportunities.

Andy came to see us to leave us some feedback on how we helped him into learning the ins and outs of the locksmith industry.

If you would like some more information on our courses and what we do after watching Andy’s feedback, please feel free to give us a call today on 01924 360444.

Stephen Wilson

Belfast Locksmith Training – 29/09/2014


I just completed the three day locksmith course in Belfast on Thursday past. The instructor was Mark who I found to be an exceptional teacher. His knowledge was excellent, his pace of instruction was perfect, his personal presentation portrayed your company in a very positive manner and never once did I hear him use any sort of language which could be construed in any way inappropriate by any one.

Having come from a background where I opened and closed locks for almost 25 years it was very interesting for me to discover exactly how they work and the methods of entry when the normal means are no longer available. When I was able to open a lock using the techniques I had just learned I found this to be very satisfying indeed.

The literature provide is very clear and precise and I have no doubt will prove extremely beneficial in the days, weeks and months to come.

At some stage in the future it would be my intention to take advantage of your advanced training in order to further my knowledge and abilities in working with various types of locks.

Thank you for equipping me with new skills which will help me as I plan a new career for the future.


Stephen Wilson

Danny Kilgannon

Date: 2 November 2014 19:28 – Subject: 3day course I attended

I’d just like to give Mark a big thankyou for the 3 day course I had with him, it was a one on one course which I thought was a very good course, Mark was very helpful and taught me a lot in a short space if time, I am now doing sub contract work and have also got my own website set up, so a big thankyou to Mark, all the best Danny Kilgannon.

Daniel Woodhead

Date: 23rd November 2014 – Subject: 3 Day NCFE Locksmith Training Course

I am a qualified apprentice trained tradesmen with 13 years experience working within the construction industry. I have attended many training courses including seven independant training courses over the past two years and I have to say that the MPL 3 day NCFE course is by far the best course I have been on, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this course.

I felt that the course was very well structured with just the right balance of theory and practical hands on experience. There was plenty of time to take notes and ask questions. The course covered everything that i hoped it would cover and so much more. The notes that I have taken will prove to be valuable source of reference in years to come complimented by the fantastic MPL training manual.

I also have to say that Mark is a very good instructor who made the course interesting by his enthusiasm and his knowledge. Mark displayed patience and was very thorough with both the theory and practical side of this training, he gave ample time to take notes, ample practical time on the locks and made sure that i was 100% confident before moving on to the next part of the training.

Whilst on the course I purchased the lock started pack and tool kit which, after much research, I have found to be excellent value for money so a very big thank you for this money saving deal.

Since attending the course two weeks ago I have spoken with Mark and made the decision to come back in January for more training to acquire my City and Guilds. I have also recommended this course to three other people who are very interested in attending the course.

In conclusion I would like to say thank you for making this training available, the course exceeded my expectations.

Kind Regards,
Dan Woodhead