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MPL awarded City & Guilds Accredited Programme status

LockSmith Training

MPL one of the leading locksmith training providers in the UK has been awarded City & Guilds Accredited Programme status.

Following many months of discussions and an extensive vetting process MPL were awarded the opportunity to deliver training courses under the City & Guilds banner from their Wakefield training centre and Gary Woolton from the organisation was on hand to present the certificate to Managing Director Graham Jones.

Graham who is well known to many in the industry was delighted to announce the achievement,

“We are absolutely delighted to be recognised by such a prestigious organisation as City & Guilds and to be able to offer our specialist locksmith training course with the accredited programme status to the hundreds of people who come through our training centre each year”.

“There is no more instantly recognisable symbol of quality in learning than City & Guilds, and for us to be able to offer it is a massive boost for us and a great achievement. It is a reward for the way we deliver our training and the way we work with those who come to us”.

MPL LockSmith Training-Tuition

“We have been in this sector for many years and this is our biggest achievement to date”.

“The take up has already been significant among commercial locksmiths, public bodies such as the police and local authorities, and with servicemen looking to re-enter civilian life at the end of their military careers”.

MPL courses offer the finest hands on and classroom tuition, maximum classroom groups of four and comprehensive destructive and non-destructive techniques.

For further information, contact MPL on 01924 360 444 or via

MPL will be exhibiting and providing training at Lockex 2016 16th to 18th September at the Ricoh Arena.

5 Reasons to Take the 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith Training Course

Becoming a locksmith is a fantastic choice for those of you looking to learn a lifelong trade or even to start working for yourself. The MPL 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith Training Course is perfect for those of you starting out in the locksmith industry. Here are 5 reasons to take the 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith Training Course!

Great for Beginners
Whether you’ve just finished school or you’re looking to change your career, our 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith Training Course is designed with beginners in mind. This extensive course provides you with the skills and know-how of starting your own locksmith business – so you can be your own boss. No prior experience is necessary and every on your course will be in the same boat.

Run by Experts
All MPL locksmith training courses are run by dedicated experts with years of practical experience either as a self-employed locksmith or a larger company. Our specialists will let you in on all the industry secrets, latest techniques, technology, methods and equipment. The 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith Training Course involves lots of practical work – ideal for those of you who prefer a hands-on learning experience.

Intensive Locksmith Training
The 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith Training Course isn’t called ultimate for no reason. At MPL we make sure you have the opportunity to learn everything from health & safety to high security locks. Each day is packed full of amazing locksmith skills you’ll take with you in your new career. Skills include drilling techniques for all locks, British standard lock picking, uPVC door locks, business start-up advice, advertising/invoicing, Snap Safe locks and so much more. We’ll teach you about the entire locksmith industry from basic locks all the way up to maximising profits for your own locksmith business. At the end of each day our experts will hold a course-relevant Q&A session so you can refresh your mind and also ask any queries you may have.

Get Qualified
We work alongside the Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE) so you can earn the very best industry qualifications. On completing the MPL 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith, each student is awarded an NCFE Level 3 Certificate, an MPL 3 Day Course Certificate and an MPL 2 Day Advanced Picking Course Certificate. This high quality collection of qualifications could impress prospective clients when you’re running your own locksmith business – securing many loyal customers for years to come.

Guaranteed Extras
As well as qualifications, the MPL 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith Training Course comes with a few extras. Of course, this includes refreshments, exclusive training and all the skills you’ll need to become a locksmith. But we also offer a 24 hour helpline for all students, a free Locksmith Bible worth over £100, full back-up service when you’re on call for a job and comprehensive coverage of destructive/non-destructive techniques…all included in the course fee!

Ready to kickstart your locksmith career? Call 01924 360444 today to book your place on the 5 Day Ultimate Locksmith Training Course.

MPL locked in to Lockex 2016

MPL one of the country’s leading locksmith training providers has committed itself to Lockex 2016.

The Wakefield based company which provides locksmith training courses at its dedicated premises or at the premises of clients is now recognized as one of the leading providers in the country.

The company has just moved into new larger premises to help it cope with the demand for its training courses – it offers NCFE, GQA, and City & Guilds courses – and to cope with a burgeoning reputation as one of the best there is.

Managing Director Graham Jones takes up the story “Those who know me and the other members of the team at MPL know we are not a boastful lot, so when people say to me that we have a reputation for being one of the best in our business we point out that it is not us saying that but the people who attend our courses who are saying it”.

“A little while ago we entered into a partnership with The Independent Ratings Company, for them specifically to ask our trainees on our behalf what they think about us, the content of our courses, how we deliver them, and what we can do better”.

“The fact that it is an independent body, and that we don’t see the feedback from the trainees before it is posted live on our website gives it real credibility – we have no influence on what they say, and nor would we want to”.

“We have been doing this for some months now, and when we have trainees coming to us from as far away as London and other areas of the South, and from Scotland then you start to think we must be doing something right.  I always make a point of asking them why they chose us over more locally based training providers, and the story is always the same – because of the feedback and testimonials on our website”.

“Before I booked on the course, I telephoned and spoke to Nicky who was very helpful in relation to the course prospectus. The tuition taught by Graham the owner of MPL was outstanding and with the knowledge I have gained I believe I can become very successful in the industry” – Acurate Lock and Glazing

“It is great news of course, but what it also means is that we have our offering right in the first place.  We offer a range of courses from NCFE, GQA City and Guilds, and each one offers our trainees something a little bit different”.

“It also means that our facility is absolutely fit for purpose, and that the content of our courses and how we deliver them is exactly what people want”.

“Finally it endorses my belief that you need good trainers who have lived and breathed locksmithing and who know it inside out and have a real passion for it”.

“I am also delighted to have signed MPL up to be a part of the new Lockex event; I am really impressed with the way it has been set up and how it is being targeted and dedicated to the industry.  I have no doubt at all that it is going to be a great show, and we are really looking forward to being a part”.

“As well as showcasing all our courses and our tooling we will be demonstrating some key locksmithing techniques for visitors”.

“I look forward to seeing you there”.

MPL Locksmith Training –  01924 360444

Students Return for a 2nd Locksmith Training Course with MPL

Our Locksmith Training Courses have become so popular, we have students coming back for more.

Karen Mempes and Paul Stevens first attended the 5 Day Locksmith Training Course with MPL earlier in 2015. Both students found our courses so beneficial in terms of learning and their business developments that they returned last week to further their skills and complete our 2 Day Access Control Course.

The 2 Day Access Control Locksmith Training Course covers all aspects of access control, ranging from:

  • Basic standalone applications
  • Net2 High Security solutions
  • Installing Door Entry Systems
  • Installing Control Equipment
  • Selecting the Correct Lock to Use
  • Installing Network Access Control Equipment

Karen Mempes and Paul Stevens took this course to gain a high knowledge of access control, this is a skill that not many locksmiths possess, which in turn means they are able to advertise for and complete even more profitable work.

What is access control?


Access Control refers to the security features in place that control who can access areas within a building/establishment. These security systems can range from simple indoor pin entry door locks, all the way up to high security outdoor waterproof systems.

Our 2 Day Access Control Training Course will give you a fantastic insight into building, setting-up, testing and trouble-shooting faults using core elements of modern Access Control Systems. First off you will be taken through all the laws and legislation’s that surround working with access control. We will then start to examine the types of systems that are used in today’s market, this will range from basic internal systems all the way up to external waterproof systems. You will then design, build, wire and program your own Access Control system. At the end of the course you will then be able to assess a buildings Access Control requirements, and in turn install the correct system.

What other courses do you offer?


Apart from the 2 Day Access Control course, here at MPL we also offer a fantastic selection of other Locksmith Training Courses to suit all abilities.

Keeping Your Home Safe & Secure This Winter [Infographic]

October is ‘National Home Security Month‘ which sees 5 weeks dedicated to educating the nation on the importance of home security.

From making sure your locks are stable and secure and installing the right alarm systems through to new home security smart phone apps and maintaining you gates and fencing; there’s a whole host of things you need to be doing to deter burglars through the winter months and keep you, your family and your home safe and secure.

Here at MPL Locksmith Training, we want to help make sure your home doesn’t become a crime scene this winter. As such, we’ve put together this handy infographic with advice and top tips on keeping your home safe and secure as we start to see the dark nights draw in.

Locksmith Training

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Mr M Hooper – Mj Glazing Repairs Ltd

This is Mark Hooper from my glazing repairs limited. Sorry for the late response, I did your 3 day locksmith course in November with Mark.

I just wanted to email you to say how happy I was choosing to come to your company to train me to be a locksmith, due to having lots of options in London near where I live to do courses, I am so glad I chose the 400 mile round trip to Bradford.

From the minute I arrived I felt very welcome by the hotel staff, the football club staff, and mark the trainer, I have been taught so much more than I could have wished for in 3 days, everything was explained to the highest level, and I have bought all the tools to start up alongside my glazing repair company, I have been practising every day since, and can even pick the schlosser cylinders now!!

I start a Google adword campaign on Monday the 6th of January, and thanks to yourself and Mark I feel very confident in going to a job and being able to assist people from the training I have learnt, also the chef that cooked for us every day was great as well, I think he was from Liverpool, and all the staff at the club!!

I would be more than happy for you to ask anyone that was thinking on taking the course with MPL to call me so I can explain my experience and highly recommend anyone to take the course, also the knowledge that I was taught, plus the hotel and food at the club was unreal value for £795.

I really do appreciate all the knowledge you and mark have shared with me, and can’t thank you enough

Kind regards

Mr M Hooper

Mj Glazing Repairs Ltd

Mehmet Bekir – London

Dear MPL,

Taking this course has changed my life!

Previously, I was a builder, which I planned to continue alongside locksmithing.  However, ever since I re-trained, I haven’t gone near any building jobs at all … I’m actually turning them down.

I am severely dyslexic and thought this would be a massive hurdle for me to gain a skilled trade.  Graham and Nicky gave me the extra time to make sure I got through the training – of which I am really grateful for.

It was fantastic hearing that MPL are now an accredited C&G centre.  I immediately booked my refresher training to gain a qualification in what is now also my skilled trade.

Now as a qualified locksmith, I actually love my job and look forward to going to work each day.  When I occasionally come across a tricky lock, I have been able to call the team and they happily talk me through the task – their support is amazing.

I will definitely be staying in touch and of course buying my locks from you.

Thank you MPL crew!
MB, London